Social Studies
Grade 5: Early American History

We are currently learning about the causes and events of the American Revolution. Why did the American Colonies want to separate from the British Crown? What was American life like back then? How will America manage themselves during the war?

Grade 6: Ancient Civilizations to the Rise of the Roman Empire

When studying Ancient India, students will learn about the caste system, Hinduism and the geography of Eastern Asia.

Grade 7: Civilizations from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Age of Exploration

Students will learn about Feudal Japan and the importance of Samurai. Why was there a need for this warrior class? How did China influence their neighbours to the east?

Grade 8: American History- Founding, development until the 20th century

As we continue to study what makes our nation so great, we look into Jacksonian America and how President Andrew Jackson shaped our country.