Physical Education

All students participate in a physical education program.  This is not an option.  Primary emphasis will be placed on the development of life skills and positive attitudes. All students must be dressed in regulation uniform for all PE classes in the beginning the first week of school.

  • Girls and Boys must wear the school-approved shorts and shirts purchased from Lands’ End.
  • The school-approved sweat pants and sweatshirts purchased from Lands’ End may be worn on cold days.
  • Black, white, or navy solid color athletic/tennis shoes, appropriate for PE, are required for all students.  NO slip-on shoes are allowed.

Physical Education provides opportunities for all children to learn activities that are developmentally, socially, mentally, and emotionally stimulating.  The program is designed to develop each individual to his/her highest potential.  The primary goal of the physical education program is to develop neuromuscular, perceptual motor, and social-emotional developmental skills.  The physical education program also strives to teach the student constructive use of the leisure time.