The educational mission of the Church and the reasonable expectations of parents/guardians require that the Catholic school be distinguished by an atmosphere and a formal program which relates religious belief and practice with the normal development and education of children.  The religious character and goals of the school should be clearly reflected in the statement of the school philosophy.

  • Regular religious instruction shall be an integral part of the educational program for all students at all grade levels.  Time is allotted to formal instruction each day.
  • Student progress in acquiring an intellectual grasp of the religion course materials is to be assessed, evaluated, graded, and reported according to the same procedures established by the school for other subjects in the curriculum.
  • The paramount rights and obligations of parents/guardians should be clearly reflected in the Religion Program, which should make some formal provision for each of the following elements:
    1. Orientation of the parents/guardians to the philosophy, objectives, and methods of the school’s adopted program.
    2. Direct involvement of the parent/guardians in the instruction of their children, especially in liturgical, sacramental and family life.
    3. All teachers in the school, even those not responsible for classroom instruction in religion have a common responsibility:
      1. To be fully informed on the rationale and provisions of the religion education program.
      2. To support the program by word and action, especially in interpreting it to parents/guardians.
      3. To show sensitivity and competence where religious values and issues cross in other subjects.
      4. To cooperate actively in correlating Religion and other subjects in appropriate ways.
      5. To take advantage of in-service and adult religious education opportunities offered by the school, parish, or Archdiocese.  Some in-service in religious education is required by the school and the Archdiocese as a condition for hiring or contract renewal.