STEP Program

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Here at Blessed Sacrament school we use the STEP Program, a Catholic inclusion program developed by the Los Angeles Archdiocese. STEP stands for Support Team Education Plan. It is a model that provides a team of support to students who may need additional help in the classroom. A student may receive support in the STEP program if social, behavioral, and/or academic circumstances are impeding a student's academic progress in the classroom. 

Within the program, people are brought together to best help the student. This involves the homeroom teacher, a STEP coordinator, a school administrator, and the student. There will be routine conferences to provide the best strategies to the teacher and discuss progress with the parents. In the program, the student will be observed to see how he/she can best be served. The student may also be provided with additional services or help from the STEP coordinator in the form of 1:1 tutoring or small group work to help build skills and concepts. This is similar to the public school system of SST, or student support teams.