Student Council Officers

2015-2016 Blessed Sacrament
Student Council Officers

  President André Parris

School Student Council President André Parris has been on Student Council from the start of his Middle School.  André received an overwhelming majority vote from the students at Blessed Sacrament to serve as the students' chief representative for the School.  André is very involved in the school and greets people with a warm smile. He was an excellent choice for his former position of Sports and Spirit Comissioner as well as André is very athletic and a very spirited young man.  André was a starter on our Football Team this year and on our school's varsity basketball and soccer teams.  He has many wonderful ideas for the upcoming school year.  His favorite subject is History, and his favorite prayer is the Our Father.

Vice-President James Siu

A veteran on the council, Vice-President James Siu has been attending Blessed Sacrament School since he began middle school.  Like his sister and fellow Lion Melody, James is very athletic.  James was a starter on our Flag Football team and a starter on the school's varsity basketball team and varsity soccer team along with his sister. What he enjoys most about his school is recess and spending time with his friends.  His favorite prayer is the Our Father, and his favorite subject is Physical Education.  When asked who he looks up to, James said, "My older siblings and my mom (Mildred Arias)!"  He plans to travel around the world and to one day join the United States Marines Corp.

Secretary Daphne Aviles

This is Daphne's second year in school government after a heavily contested run for office.  She believes that the most important thing a Student Council Officer should know and do is to respect and care for others and to follow the rules.  Daphne is a member of the school's Pep Club.  She is well versed in the arena of Social Media. Her favorite subject is English and her favorite prayer is the Our Father.  When times are difficult she says she turns to prayer.  She looks up to her mother and is really looking forward to doing her part this year to continue the Jesuit Tradition of forming boys and girls for others.

Treasurer Victoria Salon

This is Victoria's first year on the Student Council of Blessed Sacrament.  Victoria however is no stranger to the school, in fact she has been at the school for 9 years.  Her many years of experience as a Lion will come in handy seeking to promote fundraising activities to enhance school life will be a priority she will definitely succeed in.  Victoria is well liked by all of the school and looks forward to leaving a lasting mark at Blessed Sacrament.

Religion Commissioner
(Student Chaplain)
Tulip Francis

A love for God and for Blessed Sacrament is the impetus for the service Tulip seeks to foster in every Lion and Cub at Blessed Sacrament.  Although a new face on the Council, Tulip is very attuned to the spiritual nature of the school.  She is very much looking forward to spreading the Jesuit motto of being boys and girls for others through the activities she hopes to help shape at the school through prayer and service.

Sports & School Spirit Commissioner
Melody Siu

Melody received immense support from the students of the school in her bid to run for the Sports and Spirit Commissioner of the school.  Apart from being an amazing athlete (playing on the Lion's Football, Basketball and Soccer teams), Melody is always driven to lend a hand of support to her fellow Lions and Cubs.  When asked what the most important thing an Officer in Student Government should know and do, Melody said, " To be responsible, pay attention and follow rules and show that you are a good officer." Her favorite subjects are Spelling and Physical Education.    Her favorite prayer is the Our Father and she hopes to continue to expand the sports activities along with guiding the Pep Club toward a very lively 2015-2016 school year.

Communications Commissioner
Rodrigo Leon

Rodrigo is a Lion through-and-through.  He loves Blessed Sacrament and enjoys the activities, field trips, and Care Program at the school.  An avid artist, Rodrigo brings to his position a talent for visual art which will come in handy as one of the two Communications Commissioners of the school.  In his final year at Blessed Sacrament he hopes to be an example of a servant-leader that others will follow.


Communications Commissioner
Miluska Farias

Another new face on the Council, Miluska is excited to serve as the other Communications Commissioner of the school.  This is Miluska's third year at Blessed Sacrament and she is very thankful for what the school has provided to her and her two other siblings who attend the school.  She is thrilled to be on Student Council and believes her main role is to care for people and the rules of the school. Miluska loves the Jesuit spirit of the school and hopes to help to broaden the digital arts of the school.